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This is Chicano Press, a media-wiki powered, open-source platform for news Chicano/Mexican news contributors to provide one another updates. The emphasis on this open-ended online collaboration is to highlight Chicano entered information that is often only available in platforms not explicitly designed for Chicanos. The etymology of the term, cultural exponents who helped define it and contemporaries of the Chicano world are of interest. Not of interest is outside appraisals of the community.

Feel free to contribute, by opening up a new account. Feel free to post in any language.

We have some California specific resources pertaining to the coronavirus. Please check for a California Covid-19 death map that is updated daily.

More than ever we find that communities need to stick together. Certain irresponsible individuals are being stoked to rally andn violate social distancing rules. The demand to work amidst a dangerous pandemic is striking individuals whose stupidity knows no bounds, as this story from El Buendia shows: